My home

Hello, guys. I’m a home bird and I’ve created a list of things that make my house a home for me. Let’s start.

1) My bookcase where I store my favorite books.

2) Alexander Pushkin’s bust. I bought it three years ago at a garage sale.

3) My…

Ann Smith was a six-year-old girl with a vivid imagination. She enjoyed telling her little sister Mary spooky stories. One day, they were alone at home. It was the Halloween just around the corner. Ann told her sister a story about a gigantic whale that lived in the ocean and…

The Solar system is enormous. We can imagine thousands of constellations and planets that fascinate our imagination. We know only one planet, which supports life. Earth is unique.

But Mr. Liam didn’t believe in that, he pursued a dream to go into space. He wanted to explore other planets and…

"A house of made of walls and beams, but a home is built with love and dreams".

A house is a building, but a home is a concept. This concept consists of different emotions and feelings. Probably it depends on a person. As for me, it's a place where I…

Dorothy Smith was an ordinary woman, thin and fair haired. She was seventy years old and lived with her cat Agata. Dorothy didn't have any hobbies with exception of knitting. One more fact about Dorothy: she was a hypochondriac. Every day she woke up and took her temperature and blood…

«I want a divorce» — said a young pretty girl named Lola. Her husband, Henry, just shrugged his shoulders squeezing hands. He was a bit bewildered, because everything was fine from his side. He got married and had a family living his best life. Honestly, It was a marriage of…

«You might belong in Gryffindor, where dwell the brave at heart. Their daring, nerve and charity».

Hello, guys. I’ve decided to choose this quote, because I’m so crazy about Harry Potter. For me, It’s such a heart-wrenching quote. I know that Gryffindor is always open for brave, faithful and gifted…

Hello! ¡Hola amigos!

Fall has come. Honestly, it is my favorite season. The weather is not too cold or hot, leaves are multicolored, and my baggy knit sweater is so comfortable.

Today I’d like to talk about my first month of Sophomore year. For me it was like a cool…

Hello, dear Nana

I hope you are doing well. Because you deserve it ( very modestly)

Wow, you’ve read so many books in original. «The Catcher in the Rye», « The Perks of Being a Wallflower», «Looking for Alaska». Nicely done. You’re a smart cookie.

I want to give you advice not to be afraid of beginning something new, making mistakes and speaking English)

This year is very important for you, because you are going to get your diploma. Also you work at a school as a teacher. And you’re enjoying the process. Your students appreciate you and do all home assignments.

Look at you: you have grown up. Congratulations.

If everything is okay, you’ll go to America in Summer! Fingers crossed.

It’s not a secret that many men, many minds. I hope you go your own way and know what you do.

Keep going.

I’d like to share with you some cool new words drom “Dracula”.

solemn (I can’t count how many times I saw this word in the book) — serious and without any humour, серьезный, важный.

appalled- having strong feelings of shock or disapproval: ошеломленный

malice — the wish to harm or upset other people: злоба;

devilish — evil or morally bad: дьявольский

juniper — just можжевельник!



Welcome to my blog. My name’s Nana. I will share with you my life experience

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