Norman Rockwell was a great American painter whose works often reflected family values.

Let us look at this painting, which is called «A family tree». You can dive in the past and find out a lot of information about your ancestors. Many of them, it depends on generation, had different lifestyle and habits. It is always interesting to know how our great parents lived, whence they came from and how their fare influenced the next generation. Let us try to imagine the history of this family and we can open ancestors’ secrets.

The first member of this family was a brave pirate named One-eyed Jack; he lost his right eye when he was fighting against Native Americans. Indians resisted for a month when his ship, which was called «Furious monkey», attacked their lands. The pirates robbed poor people and grabbed coins and jewelry; they took prisoners and sold slaves. But there was a very beautiful native American girl. Her name was Olivia. One-eyed Jack fell in love with her at first sight and said to her: «will you marry me?» She did not mind because there was not a choice. Therefore, he put down roots in America.

Jack and Olivia was not the best couple in the world. They always argued, because they came from different backgrounds and she did not forgive him for harm he made to her family. She retailed against him and always sulked in the corner when he treated her rudely. However, she gave a birth to their baby boy, Sam. He was an only child with no any siblings. In appearance, he took after his mother: tanned skin, large green eyes and straight nose. As for his character: he was totally alike his father: a chip off the old black! When American Civil War started, he had been a brave Union soldier who protected slaves from the cruel Southerners. They won this bloody war and Confederate soldiers were defeated. After the war, Sam met Liz, his future wife. Her parents were very strict and bright her up right. She was a Puritan and raised their own flesh and blood, that is to say children, Nick and Katie to be very kind and smart people. So they became American aristocrats and belonged to the upper crust. They always told their children about great grandfather, who was a pirate (as we know).

Nick moved out of his parents after graduating from high school. Katie lived with elderly parents and took care about them. They shared family responsibilities and raised her children together; As usual, grandparents were very permissive and did not mind about noise in the house. In the holiday season, the immediate family visited with great parents and they celebrated Christmas. They decorated home, ate sweets and sang songs.

Katie’s daughter Ann was a showgirl. Since childhood, she liked to dance. She always dressed up like a princess and danced twenty-four hours! Her classmates called her a light butterfly. Katie’s son Adam was not interested in sister’s hobby. It was not such a big deal for him, because he fond of reading and writing. He looked like his great aunt: he had red hair and freckles. Sometimes young people teased him, exclaiming: «red head». He was deeply offended but he did not do anything in response.

Ann’s children inherited a beautiful hat from her. It is an heirloom, which all members of family are proud of. She always put on this hat when she went off stage to great applause. The hat make her relatives think about their family history and research a lot of information about ancestors.

So I see the picture «A family tree» in this way.

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