1 min readOct 31, 2021


My home

Hello, guys. I’m a home bird and I’ve created a list of things that make my house a home for me. Let’s start.

1) My bookcase where I store my favorite books.

2) Alexander Pushkin’s bust. I bought it three years ago at a garage sale.

3) My guitar. I gave her a name Stella last year.

4) Garland on my wall that beams and lifts my spirits.

5) My cozy white chair. I bought it online and assembled with no help. So proud of myself haha.

6) Photos, pictures, paintings on my wall are so important to me. The best memories.

7) The refrigerator magnets which remind me about my trips with family and friends

8) Candles. I like lit them and enjoy studying. It’s just what the doctor ordered to set your mood.

9) Flowers. I like to be gifted cut flowers. Their scent is something incredible.

10) Warm radiators. Yes, it’s important for me, because I like warmth.

Thanks :)




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