Hello from Holly Golightly

2 am. It’s snowing heavily outside. I want to talk about my day. Nothing special. I was playing the guitar when Mr. Yunioshi knocked on the door and asked me to be more quite because he tried to sleep. What a poor Japanese man! Who cares his insomnia?

My fluffy cat and I refused to listen this old guy, who is always very edgy and furious when I forget my key. Yep, I admit that sometimes I can disturb him but it happens only in case of emergency (I swear!!!) He treated me rudely and I blamed his nasty attitude to me. So if he would like to say something awful to me I’ll cut him off, I’m not kidding. It will be a Mexican standoff!

But my downstairs neighbor is such a sweet man! Yesterday, when we met each other in the entrance, he said: “Holly, you look like a million dollars”. To be honest, I was flattered. I know that he is a writer and I have already listened to his short novels. Some of them are pretty interesting and I want to help to publish ones because I have casual acquaintances at May Magazine. I think it will be fine to see his novels on the first page!

I start to notice that I eat my feelings. Especially when I remember about my flesh and blood, about my dear brother Fred. I know that he is a brave soldier but the war takes away from us the best people. Last time I saw him I told that it’s a little bit silly to be SO brave but he didn’t hear me and said to me «It’s out of the question» OKAY! I’m totally alone and time flies so fast.

So let’s see what the future prepare for me, but I’m still looking for my home.

Welcome to my blog. My name’s Nana. I will share with you my life experience