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3 min readDec 25, 2020

“It’s a wonderful life” is an American drama about George Bailey, who is exhausted. He decides to commit suicide, but Clarence, the angel, helps George and he shows him why he is important. The message of the film is about love, hope and man’s struggle with life’s knockbacks. This touching film makes me think about life’s troubles, about my family and my dreams. All of us need some support and encourage.

Also, I fell in love with this film for an incredible American atmosphere. This is amazing!

Let’s talk about my favorite Christmas film. To be honest, I love the film «Love Actually». It is a wonderful romantic comedy about love around us (yes, yes). The genre of this film is very special, because the narrator tells nine stories like «Christmas story» (if you remember stories by Charles Dickens you will understand what I am talking about).

I can choose two my favorite stories from this film (but actually, I like all nine).

We are all looking for love!

The first story is about Jamie (Colin Firth aww) and Aurelia. Jamie is a writer; he is a kind man who just believes his superficial girlfriend. Once he comes back home after work and sees that his «soul mate» cheats him with his flesh and blood (his brother!). I cannot describe his feelings: it almost killed him… The best remedy is hard working! He handles this painful situation and decides to take a getaway to France (to live like a recluse and just writing books). However, man proposes, God disposes. He meets a Portuguese woman who works as a housekeeper in the cottage he rents. Aurelia does not speak English. But real love is not about words… They have fun together like children ^^ He returns to England and realizes that he falls in love with Aurelia. Jamie starts learning Portuguese to tell her about his feelings, but when he meets her again he listens to English words from her mouth, because she has already learned English for him.

The second story is very sweet. Daniel, who lives through his wife’s death, brings up his stepson Sam. Daniel and Sam have some troubles to understand each other. Sam is an emotional pre-teen. Daniel founds out about Sam’s love affair. Things are changed, because stepfather decides to help Sam with his love troubles. They start to spend more time together; Daniel gives advice Sam to learn the drums (because it can impress the girl who Sam really likes). There are a lot of funny conversation between Sam and Daniel in the film. I really like it!

My favorite moment from the film:


What film I can recommend to my American friend….

I think it will be «Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears». This is one of my favorite Russian films. I like the title that means you cannon complain, you should create life by your own hands. ( I like Goga, Gosha, Gora, Georgy Ivanovich moment so much!!))

And of course it will be….”Love and Doves” . After wathing this film my American friend will understand mysterious Russian soul! I think this film needn’t commentaries.





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